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Bob Barrett

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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2006|07:56 pm]
Bob Barrett
[mood |calmcalm]

1. Brad’s Geography is done, and I’ve been compensated: And the peasants rejoiced.

2. My lease is waiting for me at the apartment complexes office. I’m signing it tomorrow.

3. My buddy is going to try to hook me up with a job at the student bookstore. It will be good enough until I find something that pays better. Job’s don’t seem as stressful if you know you’re just there until something better comes along.

4. I might not have furniture right away, but I’ve been promised some furniture in a couple of months when people move out. There is no rush to furnish; I might have three years there. I’ll have just enough to be comfortable until it all comes together.

5. Packing went smoothly, and I’m looking forward to a productive summer. I feel like this is truly a fresh start.
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2006|03:15 am]
Bob Barrett
[mood |thirstythirsty]

There is so much and so little going on.

I took it upon myself to work on my friend’s Physical Geography homework for a price. It’s due soon, and as a result, I’ll wake up panicked with cold sweats. This isn’t even my work!

I wish I was part of the count down for most extreme digging animals, right in-between the woodpecker and the gofer. I wish I was a tough digging motherfucker.

The only way to win is to deny the battle. By the way, I hate fat chefs who tell me to eat onions in moderation.

Brandon’s apartment rocks and I hope to make it up to Madison again soon. My apartment can never hope to live up to his once his is furnished. I’m hoping Andrew and Brandon would be willing to visit me, but it’s unlikely.

I took Andrew’s cousin’s suggestion and rented some zombie movies. It was a good decision.

I’m getting stressed out about my apartment situation. Who mails a lease, honestly? How will I get my bed into a van? Note to self: I need to rent a van. And get some help once I’m in Dekalb. Fuck!

If I get a hamster, I will name him/her Tevo.

I’m only taking two classes this summer. No reason not to ace both of them. I need a job. I need some cash for Vegas. I ought to lose wait: It’s all about the pool during the day. Maybe I’ll just gamble while my brother and his cronies are at the pool. Likely I’ll be broke coming back from Vegas, which will result in being kicked out of my apartment, and being an extreme digging animal would come in handy. The idea of stocking a fridge and pantry scares me. Tess’s mom gave me a microwave. It’s at my brother’s place. I ought be self propelled, and visit him unannounced and take it back while shouting “sucker” as I retreat.

I’m hoping Kate and Andrew can kiss and make up. That way we can all game, and it will be grand. By the way, facebook is for losers. I check it twice a day, and thus far, I’ve been chronically disappointed.

I need five gay guys to kidnap me and give me shit, and hook me up with some work. That would be a good day, but I don’t think they’re visiting Dekalb anytime soon, nor do I suspect they are into college students. Bravo sucks.

I have a psychological disorder: I re-work what my schedule could have been in college over and over again trying to maximize the amount of majors I could have earned in four years subject to the majors earning power.

I want some game, but the sky is clear.
Now what?
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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2006|04:45 pm]
Bob Barrett
I can't wait for grad school. For real.
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This Semester [May. 17th, 2006|12:55 pm]
Bob Barrett
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Ironman, Black Sabbath]

Personnel Economics: A+
Independent Study in Economics: A+
Personal Fitness: A+
American History since 1865: A

Antitrust Economics: B. KISS MY DICK!!!

I’ve never gotten straight A’s. It’s just not meant to be.
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A new exciting plan [Apr. 26th, 2006|08:02 pm]
Bob Barrett
[mood |relievedrelieved]
[music |Pinball Wizard]

I'm going to stay in school for another year and rectify all that I’ve done wrong. I’m going in to boost my pathetic 2.6 GPA past that respectable 3.0 benchmark, officially get my minor in computer science, audit the math courses I need on the cheap, add those necessary extracurricular to pad the old resume, and prepare myself for grad school. I’ll move to Dekalb this summer and begin living my life guilt free for being a mediocre student. Plus, I’ll have a summer of the Rec center to get my flabby shit together. Who would willingly live any other life then that of a college student? The real world is to too big and scary for me just yet.

Giving up Madison to live in Dekalb is pretty tough. I was really looking forward to having a summer with the boys, but deep down I think everyone knew it wasn't going to happen. Although, with that regret constantly grating at me, I’ll be sure to make efforts to get up there and repeat drunk’n fun, and hopefully, game…

In the end we are all dead.
-John Maynard Keynes-

I heard someone in a class quote this the other day, and I remember hearing it my first economics class at Platteville. It's odd to think it meant something completely different to me then. Before I thought Keynes was trying to say that our actions don't matter because eventually we all die (probably because that's how it was taught), but now I suspect he's saying that life is path dependent; which is a really dorky way of saying history matters and the little steps we take in life are the only things that matter for ourselves and for the economy. That professor inspired me to study economics. But come to think of it, why the fuck was he teaching us Keynian theory without presenting neoclassical? Fuck you Professor Siminson and you're outdated act. You're the one who made studying at a real school (well, more "real" then Platteville) difficult!
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2006|11:16 am]
Bob Barrett
[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |???]

I shuffled the old MP3’s, and this is the first line of the first 8 songs that came up.
What are they? (as if anyone cares, but for those of you do, remember it's cheating to google)

1) When the Moon is in the Seventh House,
And Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then peace will guide the planets,
And love will steer the stars.

2) Now, when I was just a little boy,
Standin' to my Daddy's knee,
My poppa said, "Son, don't let the man get you
Do what he done to me."

3) Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah

4) Caught somewhere in time
If you had the time to lose
an open mind and time to choose
would you care to take a look
or can you read me like a book

5) Love is a burning flame that makes a fiery ring.

6) Oh Mamma, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law

7) Reluctantly crotched at the starting line
Engines pumping and thumping in time

8) There is no where else to run
Is there time for one more song?
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UPDATE: NOSE BLEED # 3 HAS OCCURRED! [Apr. 14th, 2006|01:15 am]
Bob Barrett
[mood |enragedenraged]
[music |TNT by ACDC]

My first nose bleed was while I was playing kickball at a summer camp when I was 9. The ball hit me right in the face. As I recall the situation, I made the kicker of the ball bleed as well.

My second nose bleed was my junior year of high school during a wrestling match. I won by technical decision (slaughter rule). My opponent had to be assisted off the mat.

Tonight, while working on my capstone at my desk, blood started to trickle down and penetrate my lips for no apparent reason. I suspect the cause was either ghosts or a brain tumor. If it was ghosts, it's just a matter of time until they get theirs. If it's a tumor, well, it will kill me and I'll still blame the ghosts. Beware you hazy bastards.
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2006|11:18 pm]
Bob Barrett
[mood |lethargiclethargic]

The weekend was good. First chance I got to see Andrew and Brandon in a while, did the apartment hunting thing, got crazy drunk, which directly resulted in a number of sappy touching moments.

Going to Madison got me excited to what could lie ahead this summer. My dilemma now is getting myself established. Living with Brandon is one option, but I’m not entirely keen on paying rent and not having a room to stay in. That leaves me with subleasing something for the summer, which will involve finding a place and getting a job that doesn’t conflict with my class schedule. Regardless, I’m going to have to make another trip.

As tempting as it is to think about game and the summer I really just need to focus on this paper. It’s so huge and picked the wrong advisor. Hopefully, the end of the week will mean clear waters until finals, and the end of four years of ridiculous mistakes and regrets.
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2006|01:52 pm]
Bob Barrett
[mood |cynicalcynical]

Still, the right is talking about illegal immigration and the liberal media biased regarding the war in Iraq. It all just seems old hat now.

This is my favorite story. Cynthia McKinney, who’s a rep. from Georgia, was entering the Capitol Building without an identifying pin, and was asked to stop by a police officer. After the officer asked her to stop several times he reached out to stop McKinney, and she attacked him (try that the next time you simply don’t want too). She claims this incident is an example of harassment and racism, and was her explanation for not yielding to the uniformed officer.

Aren’t we getting a little old for this? Isn’t it clear this woman failed to comply with a criminal law (after all, if Good Will Hunting has taught us anything, it’s if you hit an officer, you’re going to jail, assuming you're poor and/or brilliant). Is the fact that’s she’s a minority woman AND a rep going to shield her from charges?

I'm not trying to make a point here. I just find trivial account of discrimination a complete waste of time. I appreciate any officer in our nations capital doing his job.
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(no subject) [Mar. 30th, 2006|10:02 pm]
Bob Barrett
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Age of Aquirius - The Mammas and the Pappas]

I have a professor that I can just tell daydreams he teaches at a more prestigious university. He wears a shirt and a tie everyday, has no tolerance for silliness or disrespect, and is just really good at what he does. He was lecturing on mergers versus capacity increases and their effects of competition this afternoon, and posed a question to the class that forced us to pause to contemplate a response. It was at this precise moment that an obscene belch echoed down the hallway and into the classroom, and I watched my professor’s eyes as he came crashing down off his cloud and had to accept that he had chosen an academic career at a glorified high school.

It’s for reasons like this I’m not too disappointed I wasn’t a little more outgoing over the last three years. I’ve made good friends, but only a handful that will miss that I’m gone. I suspect grad school will have the caliber of individuals I will want to be better friends with, work with, network with, go to the bar with, and who will force me to a better student and person.

All that has been on the radio on my commute for the last week has been the debate on illegal immigration. Labor economics is a pretty dry subject for most I suspect, but I secretly love it. I can't imagine much of a career in it, but when issues like illegal immigration are being discussed I wish I was a better student or was capable of researching my curiosities. Sadly, I lack mad skills. My classes at least allow for me to think about these things constructively, and help me formulate questions.

What is the cost of choice? Is it greater than the aggregate price difference of protecting firms with "small" scale economies across industries? This is relevant because illegal immigration shifts labor supply out; bring down wages, which in most models resulting in lower prices. Lower prices create barriers to entry for competition.

Are illegal immigrants concentrating in labor markets that are likely to become uncompetitive? Have all scale economies for illegal immigrant dominated industries been exploited?

Do American consumers have a preference to where a product is produced or by who (the actual labor unit not consumer preference influenced by price, advertising, brand name, etc) produced it? How does the labor input effect the price and income elasticity of demands across markets?

Are current profits inaccurate signals to firms (even regionally or within a community)? Are American’s simply utilizing of the only thing available or most convenient rather than shouting “we want everyday low prices?”

Is it possible that American unskilled labor asking for too high of a wage to remain competitive in a world economy? Why aren’t people discussing that increasing world populations lowers wages? Are these subjects so independent in our perspective that it doesn’t create deterrents for having children? Is this a paradox in the conservative paradigm?

How many illegal immigrants work on a piece rate? How does minimum wage law effect piece rate contracts?

What the fuck is a “living wage”? Be specific you policy making pricks.

Why do we use the term “poverty line” in this country? Be sure to define poverty and allow for your definition to encapsulate that 90% of the people in the United States living below the poverty line own a DVD player. If you're going to use the term inequality, be sure to distinguish the kind of inequality being discussed. Differentiate income and wealth distribution, poverty, and inequality. Give examples of poverty (vs. poor choice due to asymmetric information and chemical dependence) in the United States.

I define poverty as a complete lack of resources in a region. Poverty is a complete inability to maintain a population and the ultimate suffering induced by scarcity. This is not an “economic definition”, but it certainly differentiates anywhere in the United States from regions in Africa or the Middle East).

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